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Hi! I'm near The Woodlands! I love this diet...I eat fajita salad at least once a week at any Mexican place. Sams Club had unbelievable prices on Atkins Endulge bars and 16 packs of Atkins Choc.Delite Shakes(way better prices than Walmart). I like to go to Jack in the Box and get one,or sometimes two, Jumbo Jacks with cheese-no ketchup or onions-and take the bread off-I cut it up with a knife and fork. They are 99 cents each and really good. Walmart carries frozen dinners called Chef's Choice that are low carb.-most taste good, but some are high in sodium. Wishbone Ranch salad dressing has only 1 carb for 2 tablespoons--I just found out. Willie's Icehouse offers a lowcarb chicken dish has bacon,cheese and mushrooms and veggies and a salad. It would be fun to have a Houston low carb group and meet once a month at a restaurant. It would be encouraging to see each other as we progress and share tips. It seems like everywhere I go,I meet people who are on a low carb diet.
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