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I'm following a program to increase from running 3 miles to running 5 miles in 8 weeks.

I do wish I'd been in ketosis when I started the running program. At first I was mostly walking with short 2 or 3 minute runs thrown in occasionally. In a way I feel like I'm starting over, adapting. I don't really want to back down on the miles at this point, but if it gets too rough I may go back to the run/walk program.

I went out and did it last night. It really wasn't bad. I could have easily gone longer. It took me just under 49 minutes to complete the 3.5 miles. I recovered quickly and I'm not sore today, so I didn't overdo it. During the run itself I didn't feel any more tired or out-of-breath than usual, and I didn't feel any significant loss of energy. So maybe my years of going in and out of ketosis mean I'm already ketoadapted or will adapt more quickly/easily?

The temperature, btw, was 28 not 34. I'm glad I didn't know that when I started, or I might not have started.
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