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Janet, I really admire your dedication!

I guess I been doing the water detox I don't do it very often but I used to do it when I was training harder to help me with my sore muscles, I use the DrTeal (S?) Epsom salt in Lavander.

This year I started to incorporate the Turmeric in pretty much everything, I heard that is supposed to be a great anti-inflamatory. The other day I found about the Golden milk which is pretty much a tea that you make out of coconut milk and turmeric, I think I am going to research a bit more and start making it and see if helps.

I am 42yo, I remember that when I was 16yo I was 145lbs. I started to gain weight after I turned 19 and since then I been up and down. The highest I got was last year to 235lbs. In 2007 I went down to 182lbs in 4 months(I was weighing 220lbs)doing South Beach Diet and going to the gym Monday to Friday, and I felt great I keep the weight off for about 1 year and then I started losing and gaining until I got this big.

I keep making changes and I eat pretty healthy most of the time, but I do have a binge eating disorder and when that gets out of control that is when I gain a lot of weight. I also notices that for the last past 5 years I been battling with pain and inflammation. and one day I will lose 1lb and the next day I will gain 5lbs. Also my metabolism changed a lot and now it is very slow and losing weigh is very hard. I will lose inches first and the last thing to start moving is the scale.
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