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Iíve been building a little list of my own for a while now so hereís my contribution. Iíve added the name of the stores I purchased from so some will only apply to Perth low carbers.

Firstly my absolute favourite low carb product at the moment is the new Bodhis low-carbo flatbrot (pita) bread. I have half of one for lunch every day filled with bacon, lettuce and cheese and absolutely love it. They are probably not suitable for those on induction as each flatbrot is around 15g carbs but as I only have half, the 7 carbs are worth it to me. Iíve found that any bread product lower in carbs than 7g per serve tastes like c**p to me (only my opinion here). Bodhis is a Perth bread company and their products can be found at health food stores and places like Herdsman Fresh, Claremont Fresh etc. I donít know if you can get them in the Eastern states. They also make a low carb loaf that Iím not keen on and low carb dinner rolls which I havenít tried yet.

Asia at home red curry paste-concentrate 4.7g per 100g - Woolworths
Swanson clear chicken broth 0.3g per 100ml - Woolworths
Ayam coconut milk less than 1g per 100g - Woolworths
Ayam teriyaki sauce 4.7g per 100g - Woolworths
Cornwellís soy sauce 4.2g per 100ml - Farmer Jacks
Gourmet Thins with Bran & Rye 4.5g per crispbread - Herdsman Fresh
Delverde tinned tomatoes 3g per 100g - Re Store
Droste Dutch cocoa powder 12.4g carbs per 100g - David Jones food hall and Claremont Fresh

Kennedy & Wilson 99% cocoa, unsweetened cooking chocolate. Iíve checked with the local supplier and it has no sugar in the ingredients list but I donít know what the carb count isÖIím guessing around 14g/100g. Iíve found this chocolate at the Re Store, Claremont Fresh and ĎThe Grocerí in Claremont.

Unsweetened cooking chocolate (99.5% cocoa) can also be found at ĎThe Essential Ingredientí in Subiaco. They also sell several types of unsweetened cocoa powder as well.
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