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Well. IT'S A WRAP!

365 Days of Funhogging came full circle yesterday. I was able to get back on the ice (solid 4" of clear black ice - plenty save for foot travel) and had a great session with some friends. I'm sore today as the muscles used are completly different than anything I've been doing for the last 6-7 months - at least in the legs and back.

So, my Low Carb Friends. With this last post, I wish you well on your journeys and perhaps you can find some inspiration or comic relief in what I've posted here over the last year. Get out there and do something. Anything!

If you have any feedback or questions I'll keep this "Gym Log" open and set to ping me with an email if you need to get a hold of me or have a question. I'll also commit to providing quarterly updates to my stats and current condition in my second journal as well here:

Thanks for tagging along, it's been a wild ride...

Video Link of yesterday KiteSkate session:

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