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I did a little search and I found this info.

"As you might have suspected, there isnít a one-size fits all answer to this question. Part of the answer depends on what your goals are.

The optimal ketone levels youíll want to achieve will likely be different depending on whether youíre looking to lose weight, get improved mental clarity, improve your athletics performance, or to cure/prevent illnesses like cancer. And the numbers may also vary depending on your bodyís current insulin resistance (e.g., if you have type 2 diabetes or if youíre pre-diabetic then your optimal levels at the beginning may also differ from someone who has healthy levels of blood glucose).

Bearing all of those different factors in mind, below are some ranges proposed by different ketogenic diet experts and below that youíll see a table of our suggestions based on those expertís opinions.

NOTE Ė again, these ketone levels are for optimal nutritional ketosis and should not be used if youíre a type 1 diabetic!"
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