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Plan: Atkins '72 and low FODMAP
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Progress: 45%

CaCO3 – you are doing good. Yay. I knew you lost your weight fast, but had no idea you lost 25 lbs in your first two weeks! That is amazing! Good job enjoying Mexican food without the filler carbs!

Ms. Arielle – I believe we can all do it! Stick around and we can cheer each other on and do it together!

Yes, I love the feeling of not being hungry when on this plan! If I get hungry, I eat.

I had a great day yesterday! I had to run into the grocery store on the way to work to pick up birthday treats for my team mate at work, so our team could celebrate. I got a package of cut up berries, mostly strawberries with a few blueberries, blackberries, and raspberries tossed in. I also got some tiny muffins and some mini cookies that that did not appeal to me but the others would like.

While I was there, I exchanged smiles with another shopper and said good morning. (Something about shopping in the early morning, everyone has more energy.) Anyway, she said to me, “You look very pretty.” I was blown away and graciously thanked her. She has no idea how she made my day and heck, made my week! It felt fantastic!

I had hit a new low on the scale, was wearing a new to me blouse, and I got a fantastic compliment from a complete stranger! Woohoo! Floated the rest of the day!

Oh yea, and I did good with the treats, having some of the berries and enjoying the company.

01-Jul-19 251.5 -
02-Jul-19 (251.5)
03-Jul-19 252.0 0.5
04-Jul-19 (251.5)
05-Jul-19 249.5 (2.0)
06-Jul-19 249.0 (2.5)
08-Jul-19 250.0 (1.5)
10-Jul-19 250.0 (1.5)
11-Jul-19 249.0 (2.5)
12-Jul-19 249.0 (2.5)
13-Jul-19 249.0 (2.5)
14-Jul-19 247.5 (4.0)
15-Jul-19 249.0 (2.5)
17-Jul-19 250.0 (1.5)
18-Jul-19 249.5 (2.0)
19-Jul-19 249.0 (2.5)
20-Jul-19 248.5 (3.0)
21-Jul-19 247.0 (4.5)
22-Jul-19 246.5 (5.0)
23-Jul-19 246.0 (5.5)
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