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Originally Posted by Ms Arielle
CaCO, Definitely alcohol makes a difference, which is why it is not listed for induction , nor level two. So you did well do follow the rules AND succeeded.

I marvel that real people can actually remove 100, even 200 pounds, what a very long road.

Im planning on making the complete journey this time.

Ms. Arielle; yes it can happen, but it takes a big commitment. I started from a Rob Lowe commercial about Atkins. He said to give it two weeks, so I was militant in my under 20 net carbs. No deviation. I was actually trying to prove to the universe that this was just one other diet that wasnít going to work, but I would give it my all for two weeks. I lost 25 pounds in that time and I wasnít hungry because I ate without worrying about calories. I just ate different things.

That gave me the motivation to see it through. I didnít make exceptions for birthday cake, I flat out told people I was allergic to bread. That was my mindset, Iím allergic, I canít have that. Then poof, 5 months and 89 pounds later I finally eased up and had carbs again, but as a size 12/14, not a size 22/24. Here we are a year later and some of the weight has come back, and while Iím
not as militant, I do make better choices, and I do make exceptions for birthday cake now :-)
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