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Default Microwave Chicken

Has anyone here ever cooked chicken (from raw) in a microwave?

I just bought a Progressive MiracleWare Fish and Vegetable steamer from the Kitchen Collection (Las Vegas Outlet Mall) for $5.99. It appears to be exactly like this one sold at Amazon:

Unfortunately, the instructions are worthless. Someone on this message board said they had a similar appliance.

What I need to know is: How long and at what power for 1100 watt microwave do I cook chicken parts (legs, thighs with skin). I'm interested in cooking for one only. So, I only want to cook about three legs or maybe two thighs at a time.

Or, come to think of it, could I cook Buffalo wings in this thing? Has anyone tried this? That sounds delish! If this thing works, I could see myself using it all summer long. It doesn't make sense to turn on the oven for a full hour while the air conditioning is running. Especially in Las Vegas (which means "The Ovens" in Spanish, I think).
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