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Default Eggstravagant eggs

Breakfast is my favorite meal now. I now love eggs, I liked them ok before, but now they are yummers.

This was the first way I made eggs and I still love them this way, but quite frankly I like my second recipe better.

This one is Loaded Eggs

Beat two eggs with cream if you like

I nuke mine for 2 minutes, if they are still runny I nuke em for 30 seconds or so.

Sprinkle with chives
then cheddar cheese
nuke this if you want melty cheese
top with sour cream


I think it would work well cooking them scrambled on the stove top as well.

My very favoritest breakfast ever in my whole life is now this one:

Eggs Italiano


2 eggs(biggest I can use is xlarge eggs or they will over flow my bowl)
2 strips of bacon
7 slices of pepperoni
1/4 cup or more mozzerella or Italian cheese blend
little bit of tomato sauce(no sugar/salt) up to 1/8 a cup
a clove or two of garlic

1. Cook the two strips of bacon

2. beat the eggs, with cream or water whatever you like (I use water)

3. cook til just about done in the microwave

in the meantime peel the fresh garlic clove and squeese through a garlic press

4. When the eggs are mostly cooked(I don't cook til done cause they get rubbery) top with tomato sauce, garlic, crumbled or cut up bacon(big pieces are fine bacon doesn't have to be crispy unless you like it that way), cheese and pepperoni

Microwave til the cheese is melty.

What I really call it is Heart Attack in a Bowl, because if I someone would have gave me this just this last Dec, I woulda had a heart attack.
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