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Originally Posted by costello22
I just needed to tell someone that I'm dreading this run - someone who won't tell me to eat carbs.

So, here I go: I'm really dreading this run.

But you're determined to do it. Good for you.

My wife just finished her first half marathon. The longest she had run in training was 9 miles. During her race she bonked. Bonked hard. Bonked at 9.5 miles. She was crying by mile 10. Experienced runners tell me that is a little early and that over a long time training the bonking distance increases. She didn't give up even though the helpers asked her if she wanted to stop. She started running again at mile 12 and finished the race running 1/2 mile up a hill. That determination against utter hopelessness, against all adversity and with kind people asking her to stop is probably why she's stayed married to me.

So now we are into Goo. Goo is interesting. A Goo pack is about 100 calories meant to be eaten about every 45minutes in distance races. Even fully carbed up runners need carbs in the middle of a race. I do not know when a carb depleted person would bonk. Phinney and Volek say it changes, it takes longer if at all, and have some data to back it up but given the highly competitive world of distance races, the amount of serious research done by Olympic committees and athletes willing to inject anything into their bodies for an edge, I find it hard to believe that P&V are correct.

Goo is the semi-solid equivalent of Gatorade. It has electrolytes, which do a body good, and.... sugar. Sugar is bad generally but the running community likes it over other alternatives, even glucose tablets. Peter Attia has been going on about an alternative, Super Starch , and he may be onto something there.

I'm sorry I have nothing definitive but hopefully I've given you a few leads.
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