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Default Getting ketoadapted for running

I'm a long-time low carber and newbie runner. I started running on August 18 and let my diet go to hell. Tons of carbs. And not even good carbs. Crap carbs. Sugar. I tightened things up a couple of weeks ago when the scale started going up, and although I haven't tested my blood, all signs are that I'm in ketosis.

These last few runs and workouts have been harder than usual. I'm not sure if I'm psyching myself out, because I've heard so much about how you need to eat carbs to run or if I'm genuinely going through the phase where your body adapts to using ketone bodies to fuel the exercise.

At any rate, I have to go out in a few minutes and do the longest run I've done to date - 3.5 miles. And on top of that it turned cold last night, so it's going to be the coldest temperature I've run at - 34 degrees.

I just needed to tell someone that I'm dreading this run - someone who won't tell me to eat carbs.

So, here I go: I'm really dreading this run.
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