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Originally Posted by bevangel
I asked my doc to prescribe one for me. Justification? My Mother died of a heart attack at age 72, my Dad had congestive heart failure the last 6 years of his life, and my total cholesterol is high enough that most docs would be pushing statins on me. (Not sure if you need an Rx in Texas to get one or not but I was hoping my insurance would go ahead and spring for it.) Insurance declined to pay...guess insurer doesn't REALLY think my cholesterol is all that high!

I think it wound up costing me about $150 but, given residual concerns over all the warnings that eating meat and fat was "gonna clog my arteries," I decided it was worth it.

Results? After 5 years eating LCHF, I got a CAC scored of ZERO which is perfect. No sign at all of any plaque build-up in my arteries.
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