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Originally Posted by missru
I lost 50 on Atkins and pretty much lived on Induction for way too long. As soon as I moved into Ongoing Weight Loss I started gaining. It took 5 years, but I gained 38 of the 50 back so here I am. I have tried everything else-Sugar Busters, Eat to Live, Fat Smash. I don't do well on plans where I can eat everything. I know I have serious sugar/glycemic issues and I know what foods hit my blood sugar like a truck and send me spinning into a binge. I need a plan that moderates, allows me all food groups and I like the idea of minimal time on SB Phase 1. It makes sense. You cannot eliminate food groups and not expect it to screw up your system. Although my cardiologist advocates eliminating grains altogether. He likes SB but doesn't see the need for grains. Me either but I do miss the whole grains.
We'll see how it goes as I have not lost on any of the other plans and even gained on one. I did do Atkins again last summer and lost 12 but couldn't stay on it. Then I quit smoking so 8 came back.

I don't eat a lot of grain either but do enjoy rye Wasas and some oatmeal. I do avoid wheat 99% of the time.
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