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No invasive pythons that I've seen here, but I've seen too many of them when I go out to the Everglades.

They are actually beautiful beasts.

Coyotes have migrated here, and the rabbit population has suffered. I used to have them in my yard quite often, haven't seen one in years.

On the reefs we have invasive Lionfish from the Pacific with no predators displacing a lot of the native fish.

I think both should be considered a delicacy. We humans have a habit of maning things good to eat extinct.

I'm just a couple of miles north of the Green Iguana invasion, but with climate change I suspect it will be a year or two before they get close. Their diet is mostly plants but includes bird eggs, which is not good for the local population that evolved without iguanas.

The Caribbean immigrants that live here eat the Iguanas, and call then "Chicken of the Trees" but not enough to keep their numbers down. The general population hasn't warmed up to them on their plate.

We have little Philippine and Mediterranean Geckos here that help keep the insect population in control.

I planted a lot of citronella grass and lemon grass near the entries to my house, and I rarely get a mosquito inside. Unfortunately for those 'up north' neither of these plants can be grown much north of me because a frost will kill them.

I live between a 2 mile wide brackish lagoon and a protected wetlands, so I'm lucky enough to get a lot of wildlife on my little half acre in paradise.

I donate some of my O+ blood a couple of times a year. It just feels like the right thing to do.
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