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Originally Posted by BlueDress
Hi Ann! I definitely sweat & end up utterly flushed after a work out. I absolutely hate cardio but I have a lot of weight around my middle and I know the only way I can change my shape is to work it in. I'd be happy just building muscle but then I'd just be a round muscley thing, kind of like I was when I was younger. lol I hope once I slim it down, I can focus less on cardio.

Your gym sounds nice. The less frills & less expensive the better! Keep up the good fight!

It sounds like you get an odd kind of satisfaction from the sweating it out. Honestly, as crazy as it sounds, plenty of people on this forum will tell you that cardio does not slim you down. The diet supposedly does it on its own. I don't know how you test for that. How do you prove a negative? You can compare yourself to others but that is not really useful. I have to do it on my doc's orders but for a different purpose.
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