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I felt so bad for your situation in May-- just sympathized with the hard work, being tired, and starving when you got off shift. So glad you have found a workable solution. I have to admit the first time I tried a 24 hour fast I couldnt imagine not eating for that long, but I stuck it out and it wound up not being so bad. I have since found I like doing a 36 hour fast even more -- really jump starts losses, depletes the glycogen, and gets autophagy rolling (breaking down old faulty cells into ne amino acid building blocks and cleans out the cells that can eventually lead to cancer and other problems). I do it about once a month and then do a 24 hour fast once a month as well. I am so surprised to find I am feeling better with the fasts, I just schedule them for a rest day so I am not running on empty trying to exercise too.
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