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A bit farther into it, now.

When I wrote this post, in early May, I'd get off work ravenous, and it kind of never stopped... it was hard to get full.

I made some fat-bombs. (I use a pretty basic recipe: CO, butter, and peanut butter.) That helped. (Just made one batch, which I finished.)
Then I had some pretty serious GI issues, that started with severe diarhea, included a trip to ER (when I went to work *after* said diarhea, and started displaying symptoms that COULD be heart-attack, but wound up just being dehydration), peaked with vomiting, and then evened out.

(Yeah, that was fun.)

Understandably, while that MESS was going on (better part of a week), I missed a lot of work, and I ate differently. (Ya do, when vomiting is on the table.)

There was also some extreme stress into the mix. (Mid-divorce, had a "mediation"... you don't need the ugly details, but was super-stressful.)

So, in the past month, my weight has "yo-yo"ed from a high of 170 to... 163, this morning. The highs came from some deliberate cheats (including a slice of my daughter's B-day cake).

At one point, I realized that my non-stop labor schedule (when I'm not working, I'm trying to tackle the yard-work) meant I hadn't had a fast-day in ages, so tried to do one, just to empty my liver of its glycogen stores. Didn'twork: I was hugry by noon.(I get up at 4am, so not as "early" as it sounds.)

Then? The following week?

Hunger went away. The NEXT Friday, I got my fast in, almost without thinking about it. (And the huge scale-drop I had tells me that yes, I needed it. Those "cheat days" were all sitting, nicely stored, in my liver as glycogen.)

I'm finally back to what I'd come to think of as my "new normal" in terms of eating. Namely, I "snack" a bit, here and there. (A handful of nuts. A few "salami rolls". (Yeah, I know, processed meats.) I bit of whatever.) And maybe I sit down to one big meal, maybe I don't. Maybe I plan to and forget.

I even had a super-bad day at work, got off 2 hours late, and did my Chipotle, thing, with my daugheter. ("Honey? I need comfort-food. I'm coming to pick you up...") (Salad, 2x steak, no rice, no beans guac, sour cheese, salsa, no dressing. Had "extra" sour cream this time.)

Ate every bite of it, and was "good" for the night.

AND my weight's trending back down, instead of up again.
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