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Ive worked warehouse too, order fulfillment. HARD laborous work. I joked it was 6000 calories a day. They days I didnt eat much, I was ravenously hungry and ate everything but the kitchen sink when I got home. I wish I had been able to handle differently.

These days in lock down I hear everyone is adding pounds, so you are in good company.

Take a deep breath, do what you can do. I would like to put on muscle too. Found a video of a 70 year old woman that is ripped. She weight lifts with supervision of a trainer. If she can do it , we can do it.

Again, this us a difficult time. You are not alone. My DH was home 2 weeks due to illness and testing for covid took nearly two weeks to get results, by then he was well and cleared by doc to return to work , work sent him home. He had to fight to work.

My senior gets a car parade today for senior celebration. Today is last day. No graduation. no party, no yearbook signing.

We are all struggling, and doing what we are justified in how this all affects you. Hang in there.
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