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Originally Posted by ccotta
Mama Sebo, how much do you limit calories? I do eat tofu once in a while. I love it but was told by naturopathic doctors to avoid due to issues it has with affecting thyroid health.

I think you do have to be very careful with tofu if you have certain hormone issues because of the isoflavones (is that right? I'm not a doctor, and I don't play one on TV!! ), lots of estrogen???? There are many people here on the boards that are very anti-tofu. I do eat it, but not a lot. I also replace it with paneer, indian cheese. Equally yummy, or more to to many people.

I limit calories a lot right now, I'm still recovering from a diabetic crash in December, which resulted when i got a very bad influenza. I was medically evacuated from where I live, and my goal was to get cleared to get back to my family ASAP. I limited my calories to 500 per day -- two high protein shakes, one for breakfast and one for dinner, which I added stuff to, like flax seed and vanilla essence, so that they were better nutrition and tastier, then at lunch I'd have loads of veggies, cooked or in a HUGE salad. (I follow Fuhrman), and within one week I had my blood sugar numbers in hand, and within one month I was able to return home -- when i was evacuated they said it would be 3 to 6 months before my system would be stable. Now I am pushing to loose weight and try to get off the medication, which could threaten my long term clearance to be here and do the job that i do. I'm at about 1000 calories per day, still one high protein shake per day and two meals of about 400 calories each. Carbs are all from beans or veggies, raw or cooked. Lots of micronutrients, but limited to a teaspoon each -- like the pumpkin seeds and flax seeds, etc. a couple of times a week I have a little bit of fish, or tofu or feta cheese, or an apple with peanut butter.... I exercise twice a day, but its mainly walking, biking, kayaking, not a weightroom.

The cottage cheese casserole sounds excellent -- I will pass the recipe on to my DH, our house chef.
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