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Hi Sandy, you sound like you are really doing things great!

for the blouse gap thing (no, the half buttons are fine!), but if you want to sew in very small clear plastic dome fasteners at the potential gaps and you might be pleasantly surprised at how they hold. I've also put a tiny bit of sticky velcro on the placket of blouses when I didn't feel like sewing.

About the shoe switch. I actually have a large bamboo basket at work where I leave most of my shoes and slip into flats as I leave the office. But if you want to go for a small purse check out all the VERY cute little carrying bags all over the place now to slip your shoes into! I also have a large alligator-(fake) style briefcase I can get some shoes into.

The sleeveless dresses look very sophisticated, and I love a heavy linen for the summer. Also sleeveless turtlenecks look amazing under suits with skirts... all the time. I don't care I've got a nice 'rack' I know it makes my waist look smaller!
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