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Originally Posted by BillyHW
My life is also extremely stressful and I've always used food (especially carbs) to cope with it.

I've been trying to at least switch to binging on low-carb foods when this happens, because they are mostly self-limiting, but it's more like 10-15 tbsp of peanut butter for me. I just open the jar and don't stop.

I suppose peanut butter is better than ice cream, but I need to find better coping strategies.

Anybody out there have any advice?

No advice, but empathy - that's exactly what I do. Three weeks ago my sweetheart donkey, Leo, was ill. Got the vet out & found out Leo is dying. That sent me into an overeating (of mostly low carb food) tailspin that I'm just crawling out of now. Overeating isn't helping either one of us. I'm trying to enjoy the little time we have left while he's still well enough to have some fun.

That Will Smith youtube is excellent - he really tells it like it is. I need to think BEFORE I put food in my mouth - not after.
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