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I had kind of a strange experience. I have been losing and working out and have gone from a tight, stomach bulging out size 14 to an 8-10. I was in a new classroom setting with 4 other teachers today...all were at the weight I was or more. When I came into the group I felt I was being scrutinized. None of them would help me or welcome me until later in the day when they perceived I was not a threat to them. They talked between each other but not to me most of the if I wasn't there. They all had a huge lattes or calorie drink in the afternoon. I politely refused. I don't discuss my weight unless asked. It occurred to me later that maybe they were uncomfortable at first because I am "thinner". I thought about when I have struggled with my weight. When around thin people who aren't eating while I have been wolfing down everything I could find...I was just embarrassed and trying to figure out how they could be around food and not eat everything. I understand the helpless feeling of not being able to control my eating.
Well...this is just my two cents and musing. I do want to be sensitive to people at whatever weight. We go through genuine deep struggles over our weight and I want to make sure I don't
come across as better than...just being considerate regardless.
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