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Originally Posted by CallmeAnn
That is true of brands like Lactaid and other specifically lactose free milk but Mootopia has only six g./8 oz.

It is their own product, different from the other lactose free brands. I actually hadn't noticed the very prominent 'lactose free' banner emblazoned on the carton, in my automatic action of turning the carton around to see the panel on the back. I know 6g. is not VLC but it's half, or less, than most milk that you see. I indulge in just an ounce or so, mixed with a splash of cream, to wash down foods that are like comfort foods if had w/milk. It also helps tremendously for my dh who is being forced to do lc for his diabetes. It's a whole different picture when it is not a choice you made for yourself, but you do it due to it being the only way to prevent health catastrophes from DM.
I appreciate having it pointed out to me that it is lactose free since my grown dd comes over quite a bit and she tries to consume less lactose. Her sensitivity has improved but she is concerned that if she just drinks it w/o care, it will return.
I'll check out the cream, too. I never knew that.

I've trained myself to really never top 20g a day so 8g is off the charts for me. I'm just trained to have cream now. Besides there are no cereals or chocolate cookies to go with it, so no point

Plus it looks like it has 6g sugar, so that's not just carbs and your body knows it.

My dessert now is coffee with the cream...

HEB is the lowest and was $3.79 for a quart but recently went up 30cents but still the best buy in town, the price of pints in other stores.
I will say that DH and I, combined, go through 2-3 quarts per week.
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