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Hi Amandawald

Good to hear from you. I would like to get into contact with somebody with experience in LC.

I am thinking of trying a combo of LC and Weight Watchers. To tell the truth, if I would just cut out the wine (1 bottle a day) and the chips (I don't need sweets and cake, etc.), I would be fine. Oh, yes, then cut down the amount of food I stuff into me with great pleasure--I LOVE food!!!!--but I need portion control!!! and then exercise daily and become more active--Oh, then I would be fine!

Coulda, Shoulda, Woulda--that's me. Great plans, little go-through.

Now I've reached 104 kg, after getting down to 96. That is bad!

Now is the time to react, become active, carry through...

We all know these self-motivating speeches :-(

How much do you weigh?

I live with my husband, but he eats Müsli in the morning, raw vegetables at noon and German bread with huge amounts of sausage, herring in oil and cheese on it in the evening. I don't/may not cook for him. He does sports. He is German-disciplined. I am American-fat and undisciplined. It runs in the family... I was always the exception and want to be again!!!!

I WAS ALWAYS thin and active until I got depression 20 years ago. Then came the weight gain of 40 kg and the self-loathing. 2 years are totally cut out of my life, seen only through tears and grey, cut off from my family. Another 4-5 years followed in a fog. Now that is all under control. I have solved knee problems (had from childhood, but finally, finally diagnosed and treated correctly by a Prof at a Uni Hospital last year!) and am well-medicated for my heart, thyroid and depression. They are under control--but I do believe that I could cut meds if I were to lose weight. And my incontinence would also get better without the stomach fat and with more stomach muscle.

I am through with a long, somewhat stressful summer of company now. I have a quiet time until Christmas.

NOW is the time. There are no excuses!

So--What does that tell me in black and white? I MUST start NOW. Maybe I can type instead of eating ;-)

OK, I am going to follow your suggestion and put this into my own journal. Maybe it does help me to be accountable? Maybe it is fun and something to be proud of to record my small steps on the way?

The reason I want to try WW recipes is due to portion control and variety. I just fall back into my old staples and don't eat proper things and then way too much.

Still, I think LC certainly has its merits. I took off 20 pounds and became marvellously thin (57 kg at 176 cm :-)) ! ) in 1972. I did the very first Atkins with only 30 g KH. I loved the pork chops, but craved potatoes and vegetables. I also felt that it was unhealthy.

Now I am thinking of doing a moderate form. I think 60 KH would be much better, although slower, but I am much more likely to stay on it.

I don't think I have problems with sugar and KH, but when I eat a full bowl of oat müsli at 7.00, I am hungry at 9.30. Therefore, I think eggs would be better. Now I just have to get myself really enthused about them--and take the time (!!!!!) and effort to make them and all the other meals required. And--they are eaten too fast, not taking forever to chew and enjoy like my beloved müsli with 1.5% milk! (Yes, I DO love eating--every minute of it!!!!)

I have often taken Mg, but not highly-dosed. My mother always went overboard with all of her new trends/beliefs and I am wary of such things (think many supplements are humbug...)

I think I shall stop here. It is great to think and write in English. I live in an absolute German environment, except that I teach business and technical English on-site 4 half-days a week.

I feel much better to have finally started!

Yo--Here I go!
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