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Default LC--Why start? Why give up?

Hi amandawald

I'm just curious as to why you gave up LC? I have been reading in your journal, but only have the first 5 pages read.

You certainly seem to be very enthusiastic about supplements. I take none, but 12 pills for AFIB, blood pressure, thyroid underfunction, anti-depression.

I know that I MUST finally start bicycling on my newly-bought stationary bike. I MUST lose weight. I MUST stop drinking wine every day/evening.

So--Why don't I??????

It is so simply and plain to see/feel/do,

I am the absolute queen of excuses and "tomorrow".

Now I feel like a loser because I don't simply start.

Today I say "Today!"--but it is only 9.00 am. I am thinking that maybe blogging and writing a journal, etc, may help.

We'll see...

Take care
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