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Originally Posted by thud123
I thought it would be kind of fun to document what I call "exercise" or "working out" for one year. To me, exercise is having fun doing something physical. Training is practicing (something specific physical or mental) to have more fun while I'm having fun and perhaps avoid injury.

I thought it also be a good way to expand on explanation of activity and intensity of log entries I make here Perhaps this might be useful for anyone exploring fun new things to do with your changing body. Mine is changing, that's for sure.

If you have any questions about anything you see here, let me know and I'll be happy to share or answer specific questions.


So to start off the winter season after a lay off of about 10 days of no funhogging we found some fresh ice (about 4 inches of black, clear ice) to ride on. The folks that fly around in the DN class iceboats are the ones to follow - they know their ice conditions!

So for me it was lazy kiteskating for about 4 hours on a bluebird day. The activity is fairly gentle but doing it for so long produced very SORE body the next day and today (we were out there on Saturday)

Some pictures...

Little movie made holding iphone. brrr...

Friend out on his kite...

and out iceboat friends...

That was so fun to watch Thud!!
Felt like I was on the board with you...
Almost got dizzy looking down at the ice passing by so fast.
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