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Originally Posted by Verbena
You're absolutely right Bevangel, a new name is needed! The Germans say "Innereien" (innards), which I'm not sure is better. "Variety meats" used to be the term in the US, but I don't think such a euphemism is any better.
Yesterday I made meatballs, for which I defrosted a pound of ground beef. I like to mix about a quarter pound of liver into the grind, but somehow my frozen liver is all in 1# or larger packages, so I defrosted 1 pound, and another pound of pork. Made the meatballs, and then made German Liver Dumplings with the pork and most of the rest of the liver (DH was out, so I had the little bit that was left for my dinner). Liver dumplings are simmered in broth, and either eaten as part of the soup, or served with Sauerkraut. Also cut in half, and fried in butter, and served with sauteed onions. Looking forward to dinner tonight.

Do you use breadcrumbs when making your liver dumplings? Most of the recipes I've looked at call for them. I wonder if dumplings simmered in soup would hold together without them.
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