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A thoughtful piece about this article posted today by Dr Barbara Berkeley on her blog, Refuse to Regain:

August 13, 2019

Are You a Dietary Fundamentalist?

by Barbara Berkeley, MD

I was struck today by an opinion piece by Dr. Yoni Freedhoff on Medscape, an educational physician website. Dr. Freedhoff, a thoughtful commentator on the diet and obesity scene, contends that the stridency of the Low Carb Community is turning people off. Many Low Carb advocates have gone over the top, he says. They are unable to see any other viewpoint. In fact, they often appear to arrogantly assert that there is no other viewpoint.

Perhaps Freedhoff's article hit home for me because it was a painful reminder of the many times my husband has scolded me for dietary arrogance. He gets particularly annoyed when I start preaching my Low Carb gospel to people when we are out to dinner with them. Granted, I only do this when someone at the table has asked me for advice about eating. But while it is a friend who opens the door, I am the one who barges through it with my soapbox.

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