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Hi Kiwi,

No unfortunately this wouldn't go very well in a breadmaker at all because it's not made with yeast. Breadmakers are specially designed to knead and rise dough because yeast needs that sort of treatment to rise. The baking powder in this recipe means you cook it in the oven just like a cake. It tastes like a really nice, seedy bread but it's cooked like a cake.

You could try it in the breadmaker but it will only rise a bit, the kneading will probably take a lot of the omph out of the baking power and I think it will dry out way too much because of all the kneading and heating. Plus the dough will probably be way too sticky and moist for the breadmaker to deal with, not like the usual firm bread dough that forms into a ball.

It's really easy to make in the oven though, enjoy!

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