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Originally Posted by Emmie618
I do not understand why your doctor will not treat your thyroid. If any doctor said that to me, I'd find another doctor.

With your talk of getting T3 via mail order, you seem to be self treating. NO ONE should ever self treat with thyroid hormones--that's why they are Rx only in the US. You can easily kill yourself with the wrong dosage.

All your symptoms could be traced to low thyroid, so you need a doctor to treat you ASAP.

My dr left practice suddenly and I've been dealing with the replacement. I ended up calling insurance they had approved my treatments, I finally realized holdup was getting the dr to sign off on what I needed thyroid wise and sleep study. She told me outright she wasn't going to help me and that was our last conversation. I started with new dr in the same group, I only asked for the sleep study and she ok'd it right away.

I saw a terrific thyroid dr who got me feeling terrific, the medication I like isn't on my insurance list and the reverse T3 isn't on their list either. So I stayed with my dosage and have gotten my own tests. Pharmacist told me they can tell insurance I need the drug and get covered, old doc had no reason not to help.

STTM site has a good explanation of all thyroid meds and the one from Mexico which I've done the best on has additives that are mostly foodlike except for talc. The other types have more chemicals that I don't metabolize well. The US Phizer version isn't awful, just not great.

I have had zero luck with Endocrinologists who just put me on synthroid. I end up with high rT3 which they claim no knows what it means. On top of remaining hypothyroid I get heart palpitations, high blood pressure and insomnia on synthroid, but they don't believe me.

My terrific dr is $400 and only gives 2 month prescriptions, she doesn't take insurance and I can't afford that right now.
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