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Default Will I be ok without any thyroid medication?

I don't have access to the T3 medication I've been taking since 2010. I ordered some from Mexico, it hasn't arrived and not sure they sent it. I ordered on Aug 5th, they never answered when I inquired the status. I've been taking half my usual, means I'm very dysfunctional, almost fired from my job, not attending my class anymore.

I will run completely out this Friday, my dr, who told me she won't treat my thyroid can't see me for 2 weeks.

Is there any solution? I have Hashimotos have lost 1/3 of my thyroid tissue. I have had high reverse T3 the 2 times I've been put on T4 containing meds. So excrutiating I don't think I can stand doing that to myself again.

What happens to me? Should I visit south of the US in person and try to bring something back?

This is on top of my untreated sleep disorder where I wake up 50 times a night.
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