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Morning Jeep

So glad to see your post today. I also need to change my stats, but I was hoping it would come back down before I need to change it.

Yes, maybe I need to get a scale for the cottage so I can see immediately what I'm doing is moving weight in the wrong direction. Cocktails and snacks always make my weight go up!

I'm looking back thru my journal to see what meals/combos/timing was making me lose the weight. Arbys meals help me lose and cutting off food at 3pm helps me lose.

Worked in the yard yesterday. So much crabgrass! Dug out dandelion weeds, mowed and edged the yard. My niece came to visit and we had panda express chinese food. Honey walnut shrimp

I'm sure you will get right back on track girlie! Just a little bump in the road. Talk soon
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