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Originally Posted by Benay
I have been on low carb now since the end of November and have seen variable results.

Continuing diarrhea I have attributed to the lectins in my salads

I have cut out the lectins - problem persists

Should I contact Anne Mullens on the Diet Doctor site?
She asked for comments on her post.

I have seen an MD who saw "nothing wrong."

My suggestions to you would be to stop eating raw vegetables on a regular basis.
In the book "Fiber Menace" the doctor explains that when the veggies are raw, the cells remain unbroken so the body cannot absorb the nutrients anyway. Then it ends up in your large intestines undigested.

The only way to break open those cells is to cook the vegetables. People think putting them in a blender ahd making a shake will do t but it does not. The cells still remain intact. Only cooking breaks open the cells so that the body can begin digesting it in the stomach and then small intestines.
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