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After a good start, I have been remiss at keeping the journal going. Some of it is due to the fact that I keep on getting nagging injuries that impact my exercise. In June I pulled my arm doing hammer curls, and that one still lingers although it gets a little better every day (I figure a year before it is 95%).

Now my left shoulder is giving me problems, from pain during the first set of bench to totally preventing me from doing seated shoulder presses today.

Add to that that I got a new toy, a hex dead lift bar, and sure enough I tweaked my right knee a little bit on Friday so I could not run on Saturday.

Well, it is a new weak. Yesterday I did the full chest/tri day workout, except I skipped the step-up due to the minor knee issue. Bench went well after I pushed through the discomfort on the 1st set, pyramiding in 4 sets from 155 to 195.

Today was shoulders/lats, and as I mentioned my left shoulder would not let me shoulder press, seated. I was able to shoulder press standing (with less weight of course), probably due to the different shoulder position when standing. I did use the Hex dead lift bar, but only with 135 just to test/condition the knee. Ended the weight lifting with leg blasters, planks, leg lifts and hanging knee lifts.

Next week my son begins wrestling conditioning, so I will be on my own for the 1st 2 workouts of each week. I plan to use that time for higher reps/lower weight and more cardio/leg work. Hoping the lower weight will help to get me healthy.

Wish I was 21 again......
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