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Default Exercise update

Today went well, had to work half a day and then do laundry, but after all I made it to the gym!

Today the gym was going to close within an hour from the time I arrived, so I hopped on the stair climber and did 30 min. at level 3. Then I moved over to the treadmill and ran/ jogged/ power walked for 13 minutes until they closed. Could not get in any floor exercises or weights, but I am going to wake up earlier than usual tommorow, and am going to make it my new time to get up. I've been getting up at around 6:30, but then I don't end up at the gym till 7:00 and then have to cut things short. Now I'd like to get up at 5:30 in order to lenghten my workouts. I really can't make it after work even though I would love to get in two great workouts a day, but at least adding more time in the morning will help.

So let me report back tommorow and see if it's 5:30 or 6:00 that I manage to get up at! Lol! Regardless, I am doing a great job, and am down 7.5 lbs from last week's weigh in!!!!! Go me, keep up the good work!
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