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Default Abigail Joy's Exercise Accountability Log

Ok, Here goes. This is my first step into much unknown world of exercise.
I have just recently begun to embrace exercise, two months ago I joined a local gym.

First I was soo out of shape I could only manage 15-20 minutes of cardio at low/medium. I steadily pushed myself each day to increase my stamina. After one month I had reached 30-50 minutes of medium speed cardio. The last 2 weeks I have began to do weight machines and quite a bit of ab work.

Today's routine was such:

150 reps on ab machine
50 crunches on floor
20 knee lifts - Meaning that I grasp the weight ball between my knees and crunch up toward the torso. This kills my abs!
bicyle crunchs- where you touch alternate elbow to knee while cycling legs.

Muscle fatigue on 2 different leg machines. I don't count reps on these, nor do I stop between, I just go on until muscle is completely used and fatigued.

35 Minutes on stair climber on Fat burning at level 2 - This one makes me sweat sooooo much! There is always a hudge puddle after i'm thru! Eww.
30 minutes on Treadmill, alternating speed walking, jogging, running, and med speed.

Didn't have time to do the sauna or steam room. I don't think their sauna heats up hot enough though. I've been in some before that you can hardly sit in more than 15 minutes, but not this one. Oh well, their steam room makes up for that!

Well there it is. My first gym log post. I am so proud of myself, now keep up the good work!
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