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Great thread, Teri. Sorry it has taken me so long to get here. I printed out your post from October 24 about meditation and visualization so I could have time to really read it and savor it. We all know we are supposed to do these things. We know we should think positively, that good things will happen to us if we will them to happen. Why do we choose to wallow in negativily rather than think positively and improve our lives?

Why don't we do it!!!!?????? For me, so many times it is easier to wallow in negativity. Negativity is my comfort zone. There have been benefits to negative thinking. First off, is sympathy from others. Everyone needs attention, and sympathy is a form of it. And hey, sometimes I'll take attention any way I can get it. Secondly, it has often been beneficial for me to get into a deep despair. In rising out of the gloom, I have often found many answers. I paint and write poetry. Some of my best work has been done when I was really depressed, or rising out of depression!!!!!!

Why don't I remember to be grateful for what I have, instead of dwelling on what I don't have It has always changed my outlook from negative to positive in a flash to find things to be grateful for. Even little tiny things. It always works, but I don't usually remember to do it. I know that I am not happy with my life the way it is. I have known that for a long tiime. I have been procrastinating making a change for years.

Reading the articles you posted on meditation and visualization helped me realize that visualizing what I do want instead of dwelling on what I don't want is the only way I can change my life. Clear my mind, by meditation or exercise, to find out how I want things to be. THEN, dwell on those positive aspects I want for my live, visualizing how I want things to be.

My goal is to get in the habit of positive thinking, instead of it being a flash in the pan idea, to be forgotten next time I get depressed.

One small step:
I'm working on visualizing the fat on my tummy dissipating away, with little construction workers pounding on the fat to dissolve it, so that it turns brown and is liquid enough to just dissipate right out of my pores. I really think it is working!
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