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Default The call of the "Low-carb" junk food

Life at home is super-stressful... We have had so much CRAP going on since the beginning of March that -- if I were writing my life as a novel -- no one would believe it.

Yesterday, I was in an unfamiliar (Ie: not one of the two closest to the house) grocery store alone. I[I] needed[/I] dog food and something for people-dinner.

I also WANTED some kind of "treats" for the kids... Grabbed them some bananas, and was idly wandering the store, trying to think straight & see if I'd forgotten anything.

They had Atkins bars at the end of one aisle (ie: where I could see when I walked by) I had already walked past the ice cream, including the so called "low-carb" ice cream. ("If you want that crap, better to make it at home! You know yours is better anyway.") I had seen the flavors... And now, Atkins bars. I went. I stood in front of them. I looked. I fantasized.

And I grabbed myself a flavored-fizzy-water, and hit the checkout line.

Came home... cooked up some bacon tips, tossed in collard greens, then fried up cheeseburgers in the same (bacon-flavored) pan.

Kids were drooling over the SMELL (let alone taste) of dinner, and all that caramel was no longer tempting.

The LC franken-foods are extra-evil, I think. I can glance at the rich ice cream when I end up in that aisle, and go, "Oh. That's nice." But then there's the stuff that is claiming to be LC. So ya look (or at least I do) even though you know it's not good for you. (Again, this was NOT one of my normal groceries... I'm not in the habit of trolling the ice cream, I was just in the frozen aisle, and trying to see what was there.... and the "LC" stuff was on the END of the desserts, in "border territory")

I've had to use bars before.... They're never my first option. More of "emergency rations"... and luckily I'm far enough into ketosis these days that if I'm in a place where I would normally need one, I can just choose to fast, instead. (Even if I feel the momentary hunger-waves, I know they'll pass in a few minutes, and I can just drink some more.)

For all my life, I've admired things like clothes or jewelry that I had no real desire (let alone means) to own. I find I kinda do the same things with food.... I can bake bread, SMELL it, and not even be tempted to eat it. (Any more than I'd be tempted to eat a scented soap, even if it smelled like food. [lemon, vanilla, etc.]) I think I was doing a certain amount of that in the store, yesterday. Because the idea of caramel was really appealing (saw it in ice cream AND the bars), but.... I was able to walk away with no real regrets. I'd come, I'd admired, I'd moved on.

(The fizzy-water, though... THAT was a special indulgence, because I needed a little something for me, that wasn't much work. And I was thirsty and didn't want flat water. It was a better choice than regular diet-soda, because of less garbage in it. Yes, sucralose, but I don't do it often.)

Sorry for rambling post. Brain is all-over (and I've had a million interruptions in typing this.)
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