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Hi Mrs. Mole,

The Atkins diet takes a big management adjustment initially and it'll get much easier once you find your feet in terms of what you need to buy extra and where you can cut corners.

I am sure you haven't eaten enough either day for such a hectic schedule. Even though you don't feel hungry, you need to try to eat something because you're not feeling too good. Push your calories and your carbs a bit higher, and possibly go for more protein. You don't need to go as low as induction to lose weight, and you're better not to stress your body because stress can actually make weightloss harder!

What is your son eating?

You can eat the same food as your son if you add carbs for him e.g.
spag bog for him, but you can eat the same meat sauce with coleslaw instead of pasta;
moussaka with a cream cheese and egg topping, but you leave the potatoes.
Pizza without the base - just eat the topping
Burgers with no bun, etc.
Chicken fried in garlic butter; serve his with spaghetti in tomato sauce.
Microwave baked potato with tuna and beans for him; microwave baked rutabaga with tuna mayo for you. (You could have 1/2 baked sweet potato instead, but that has more carbs).

Try making a crustless quiche by mixing eggs with the same volume of water, add cheese and whatever else you want (cooked meat, uncooked thin bacon slices, veggies, etc.) Cook medium oven for 25 minutes or until the centre is firm. Serve yours with salad and your son can have potato salad, etc.

Here are some quick suggestions for grabbable food for yourself:
Boil up a dozen eggs to have one with mayonnaise or similar whenever you need it
Roast a whole chicken or a pork joint to have ready in the fridge, then just add some salad and caesar salad dressing or mayo when you need to eat.
A tin of tuna or other fish straight from the tin with or without mayonnaise
Cottage cheese or cream cheese straight from the tub (or add a few berries or spices for flavour) . I like to add spicy smoked paprika and a bit of stevia to cream cheese and eat it with celery sticks. It's a bit like barbecue flavour Pringles.
any cheese or cooked meat
peanut butter or tahini from the jar (forget induction for now, till your body adjusts)

Always follow Dr. Atkins' advice - he was a total genius and uber-experienced. He said that if you feel rough with carb withdrawal then raise your carbs. So do it, trust him, and know you're sticking to his diet by doing that. Read the book front to back and try the recipes.

Try aiming for 30-50 grams of carbs and see how you feel. If you can lose weight, stay with that number, or add extra carbs in 5g increments if you prefer more variety of food. If you don't lose weight, drop 5 carbs and see if that helps. Read the advice in the Atkins book about how to add in the carbs. It's full of good sense.

I hope you feel better soon. Eat a few carbs now, but go high-fiber and avoid sugar.

Don't suffer. It will put you off a wonderful, wonderful diet!

To me, your symptoms sound like hypoglycaemia, and really it's not surprising because you aren't eating enough.

Take care of yourself as well as you take care of your son. You deserve it. xxx
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