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Thanks Kirsteen for replying. I have been logging food into My Fitness Pal and maybe yesterday I didnít eat enough. Iím always dashing in and out and used to grabbing food on the go during the day - Iíve never been one to eat breakfast either but am now trying to do that. Looking at yesterdays log I had a Mozzerella Chaffles with half an avocado and 3 rashers of bacon for brunch, a Diet Coke, a mug of beef broth and was then watching my son play cricket until the evening. Started to feel wobbly and didnít have the energy to cook so all i had in the evening was a pack of puffed cheese, 5 slices of thin roast beef a tablespoon or two of cream cheese and some clotted cream to try and up my fat content.

Today, I have had scrambled eggs with spinach and asparagus for breakfast, a steak fried in butter with butter covered broccoli and green beans for lunch, a stick of celery with cream cheese and chorizo as a snack, a mug of broth and 750ml of electrolytes this morning. I have no idea what to have for supper but I probably wonít have anything as Iím not hungry and feel bloated.

I feel exhausted, have aches in my arms, stomach pains (could be menstrual), a bit of a headache and generally feeling weak. As a single Mum I canít afford not to be on the ball to run my son around etc. So Iím torn between wanting to try and push through but know I need to drive a lot over the next two days and be on my game. No idea what to do! Sorry
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