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I don't know if this would count as illigal or highly objectional if we are using spam, porn, or such as a reference. I did think it was a tad poor taste for on a low carb bored though.

Weight loss for Idiots. Lose 9 pounds in 11 days

"Finally, the ridiculous "low carb" diets have become popular in recent years, but of course those are just thinly disguised starvation diets. If you don't think so then check out these facts below about Atkins....

The "Atkins Diet" requires that you eat no more than 80 carb calories (20 grams of carbs) per day for the first few weeks which is a STARVATION LEVEL OF CARBS.

After that it will take approximately 5 MONTHS (20 weeks) before you are allowed to eat over 400 carb calories per day -- and any typical restaurant meal has more carbs than that. It's just another form of starving and torturing yourself, which doesn't work."
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