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Thanks so much Ms Arielle, I have been planning to begin supplementing with D3, so your post will spur me on.

This seasonal health issue is long-term, and I had my thyroid tested years ago, and it was OK. I know the tests here aren't very good, but there is no treatment anyhow for anyone who doesn't test positive in the NHS tests, so I don't see any point in using time and energy on investigating further.

After I posted here, I noted that someone had written a long time ago describing identical issues which she put down to drops in barometric pressure - seemingly low pressure enables any inflammation to increase.. So I might be able to alleviate it a bit with pressure stockings. Thanks for the reassurance about the lack of weightloss. I will just have to accept it for now, and try not to slacken off with the resolve.

Thanks for replying. I hope you had a good day. Today was lovely here, and I felt better.
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