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Plan: Atkins -- high fat
Stats: 172/154/136 Female 5'1"
Progress: 50%
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Hi Sandra. I would be at goal now, if I stayed on this and stuck to it. I've gained about 5 lbs., (10 below the 172 I have posted), and I went back on Atkins about 2 weeks ago. I have not weighed myself since.

I've had a difficult time with Induction, and kept falling off the wagon. However, I came across a thread here about high-fatters, so am trying that now, and it's a more pleasant way of doing Atkins (for me). So maybe this time I can stick with it! (I can post the thread if you like.)

When I've done Atkins in the past it's always worked great for me. I have high hopes this time, too. YOu have about 20 more lbs. to lose, and you might be able to do that by Christmas. If not, you'll still have made progress by then and should at least be close to it.
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