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45 minute walk OWP
Yoga class

I did go to my yoga class last night. I decided that although there might be some positions I couldn't perform, I could at least get some benefit from those I could. Actually there wasn't much I couldn't do, except for stretching my arms up at the start of each Sun Salutation. I had no trouble with any of the other positions, not even with Plank or Downward Facing Dog.

However, I am wondering if I should weight train as planned this evening or not. I'll see how my shoulder is feeling later on. However, if I do go, I'll just do a lower body workout.

At the moment it's still aching, though I can now lift my arm right up above my head again. However, there is a definite 'clunking sound' as my arm goes up and down, and a pain that shoots down through my bicep to my elbow as I lower it. I've got an appointment to see my osteopath on Friday, so I'm hoping he can realign whatever is out of sync.
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