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Originally Posted by GRB5111
It continues to amaze me what qualifies as news and what the media will print or broadcast. It's a business driven dynamic, so we get only what is thought to be a good seller to the masses. I remember the dream of every aspiring journalist in college was to be objective, thorough, and accurate with dogged fact checking when communicating the news, but this was nothing more than a dream. When confronted with the real world and what your media business considers publish-worthy, it's a very different dynamic. Also, it's far easier to regurgitate the popular notions, as being a Gary Taubes or a Nina Teicholz has its price in the incredible amount of work and diligence paid and the follow-on attacks on reputation when reporting view points totally contradictory to the mainstream. The business has been so dumbed-down today, that anything printed or reported has me skeptical before I even begin to read, watch or listen. There are a few journalists who have credibility, very few.

Agree, agree, agree! I was thinking along similar lines. I recently saw an article that touted CICO as the latest thing in diets. It's kind of mind baffling. When one is in school training in the sciences you get taught that the scientific method starts with objective observation. That's kind of a rare thing, especially in the field of nutrition science which should rightfully be called nutrition propaganda in most instances. Tim Noakes is one of those rare scientists who has been willing to admit he was wrong and look what he got subjected to.
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