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Default David Unwin

Thought there was a thread here about Dr David Unwin's diabetes program in the UK. But need to have one for all the recent news. He is featured in the last 15 minutes of the BBC special The Truth about Carbs.
Get clever about carbs

Very positive results with a small group of obese/diabetics on LC for two weeks. It mentions The program at (not to be confused with the UK Diabetes lobby/charity ) Can join the quarter million people on their Low Carb Program and read articles about Dr Unwin's results there.
One article More about Dr Unwin and his course of LCHF for doctors at DietDoctor.

I donít agree with everything in the BBC show, especially the freezing the bread makes resistant starch weirdness, but good show overall. The message to avoid white and beige carbs is pretty simple, but then he blathers on about reheating pasta and rinsing and spitting sugary sports drinks...questionable, confusing advice for diabetics.

This morning tweet from have been offering this Low Carb Program for two years now and received a "certification" in the UK that allows them to help GP's roll out the plan in their surgeries.

Add that to the recommendation from the Royal College of Physicians, all good news. From forum : "Royal College of GP's.. apparently Dr Unwin has written a guide to low carbing which should be received by every GP in the country. He announced it at the PHC conference (at the Royal College of GP's) but asked everyone to keep quiet about it until the official announcement.. something like 52,000 GP's should be receiving advice on LCHF!" (No longer quiet if on the BBC )
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