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Plan: Whole Foods Atkins
Stats: 178/168/150 Female 5.5
Progress: 36%

-20 at my house this morning in the hills...-40 when got to town.
so no x-country skiing! Instead went to gym and:

20 min Nautilus 90 sec run/90sec walk rotations
15 min Body Solid Ab crunch/back extensions
Schwinn Airdyne 10 min
40 min swimming laps 5 min w weights

Weighed after...157.5 down .5lb

Forgot gym closes at 4 on Sat. DH went out of town to cut wood and dropped me off...not to be back for several hours. So, I walked a mile to Westmark and played the piano. Had my down coat on, hat, good boots but no snowpants! Had warmed up to -28 walk wasn't too bad...invigorating!
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