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From the netrition website:

You pay shipping charges based on the weight of the package and the destination. The $4.95 standard shipping charge does not apply to international orders. Shipping by air to most other countries can be very expensive. Shipping charges alone are sometimes 50% to 100% of the total cost of the products.

4.95 is for us orders only ... you see IRELAND is not actually in the US

THanks for the coconut oil tip... is that meant to curb appetite? I came across a product called slimthru which is a small portion of palm oil and wheat oil, you add it to things like salad dressing and its meant to curb appetite. Don't know if it or similar is available in your market area, i tried it but in fact i don't actually feel hungry eating low carb, i mean except when its time to eat. that is the thing I love most about this woe, on low fat diets i was just craving food all the time!

thanks for the encouragement tdoty, it means a lot! It's been great reading this site and especially the success stories. And even with the limited products here i get loads of great ideas from this site.

What i really need to do now is ramp up on exercise, which should be easier now I have lost some weight.

Could you tell me, are there lowcarb weight loss groups in the US like weight watchers? you know somewhere to go and weigh in and meet people face to face, and get tips and so on?
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