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Default Why some don't tolerate very low carb diets?

The majority of people seems to be able to reap the benefits of a low carb diet by removing sugars and decreasing carbs around 100 to 60 grams a day. The same people when attempting a very low carb diet or Atking induction levels get very bad symptoms including chronic hypoglycemia, loss of consciousness, depression, suicide thoughts, aggressivity. They can't be blamed on withdrawal since many were already on low no sugar carb diet and they can't be blamed on adapation since many had to raise their carbs after months of symptoms getting worse on the VLC diet. Even Atkins suggested people to eat more nuts and veggies if they don't feel good at induction, but Laura Donson even suggests to add fruits like berries and apple, even at induction.

I never understood why it happens. I remember reading something by Diana Schwarzbein explaining why too low carb is bad for certain people and why they need more carbohydrates in spite of the ideology according to which we never need carbs. Unfortunately I can find it anymore and lately I have met a lot of people on forums claiming problems (some very serious like the development of manias and panick attack out of the blue on healthy people) since starting a VLC diet.

What Schwarzbein says about these people and their need for more carbs?
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